The competition was inspired by common pan-European topics and problems related to contemporary urban life:
• Revitalising bedroom communities; striving to alleviate the alienation of local residents; the
faceless character of the urban space and its relative remoteness from the city centre.
• Migration, integration and coexistence of members of different cultures and nationalities in a
limited space, which can all too assume the label “ghetto”, owing to its newly-formed ethnic and
social composition. For better understanding of the complexity of Fužine residential area, the competitors were able to take a read at the findings of the research conducted by the students of Faculty of Social Sciences at Ljubljana University and an English translation of some chapters of the best-selling novel by Goran Vojnovič entitled “Southern Scum go home!”

“The Life Stand” had to represent a meeting point for Fužine residents and other city dwellers. The object was to be placed in an area for sport and leisure activities where contact is activated among the neighbourhood residents, the Ljubljanica river, the riverbank promenade, the old Fužine Mansion (today the Museum of Architecture and Design), and the surrounding museum park. The object’s micro-location, set within the parameters of the location, was defined by the competitions participants.

The facility with its form and purpose had to link and fulfill the following issues:
• Tribune for watching sports and cultural events
• Meeting point for different generations from the Fužine residential area and visitors
• Melting Point for various cultures
• Address the problems common to modern residential settlements across Europe

The architectural facility had to represent the author’s original work and serve a public purpose. The participating students could anticipate and propose additional content and the building’s microlocation themselves.

The external outline of the facility was determined by the volume of the installation – up to 600 m3
– and by the height, which should not exceed 6 m. Other dimensions within the volume were left to the participants to determine. The facility had to be adapted to the environment in which it would be set, while being functional and safe.


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