The competition ended with a permanent standing installation - structure on location at the Metelkova mesto complex in central Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The architectural structure had to serve one of the following purposes:
• meeting point for the artists and craftspeople of Metelkova mesto, residents of Ljubljana, visitors and tourists
• site for cultural events (theatre, concerts or exhibitions)
• information point with a foreseen space for a built-in touchscreen display (info point with wireless internet service, built-in interactive displays with information on the macro- (home towns of all participants) and micro-levels, on Metelkova mesto, and all levels in between.

The architectural structure was to be completely original and had to serve a public purpose (intended for children, young people, artists, musicians, lovers, the elderly.... everyone). The student-authors themselves had to determine the content/program of the structure within the range of terms/purposes listed in the project documentation. The size of the outer template of the structure was a maximum of 7.20 x 7.20 x 7.20 metres.

The design-object had to be adapted to its creative surroundings, therefore it had to follow an understanding of AKC Metelkova mesto as an “alternative space”, a “work in progress” in the artistic sense, in accordance with certain values of the space as creative, free and autonomous. “Alternative” was understood as a space of unlimited artistic experimentation, not tied to any fixed programme schemes and does not have to agree with a culture arranged according to the logic of capital. The concept of “urban autonomy” understood the space as an open and “unfinished space” upgrading urban forms in yards and courtyards, on facades and inside existing buildings, with everything done without larger priorities. This followed the need for a continuous upgrade and change of the autonomous visual image of the complex. Therefore all proposed project solutions were subordinated to the concept of urban autonomy and with it, to an organic developing of forms towards which Metelkova mesto strives in both the architectural and contextual sense.

The design-object had to be functional and safe, its colour-schemes taking into consideration the surroundings. If possible, the design-object was to be airy (spacious, well-ventilated) and was to allow for a range of performances, artistic actions and/or events in a smaller, open-air gallery.


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