The first task offered participants all possible creative freedoms. Using Trimo materials, the only thing holding the students back was their own imagination. The installation was to address visitors to the area – hikers in the park, lovers by the riverbank, etc.

We wanted the architectural installation to be creative, as well as to serve public purposes (designed for children, youth, artists, musicians, couples in love, elderly citizens…) while it had to stand out with respect to design represent integrity as to form. Dimension were given - the maximum of 6x6x5m for the Tivoli location and 9x4x5m for location Krakovski nasip by the river Ljubljanica, and Trimo materials had to be used.

The content of the installation was to be determined by the students themselves (a meeting point for youth, an arena for
various public performances, a spot for a small gallery, an artistic workshop or performances, a playground…).


"Krakovski" bank

Tivoli park

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