The theme of the architectural building is a self-sufficient Bike Base designed as a sustainable building consisting of a maximum of three Trimo modular units. It has to connect the following components through its form and purpose:
• A meeting point for cyclists, a place for refreshment and rest,
• Servicing bicycles and electrical bicycles,
• Free wireless internet connection,
• Charging batteries for computers, mobile phones,
• Charging for electrical bicycles and motorcycles

The architectural facility has to represent an original work by the author and has to serve public purpose. Students shall envisage and propose added content and micro-location themselves.

Evaluation criteria

The best solutions will be chosen based on the following criteria:
- innovation in the application of Trimo products which should cover at least 50 % of the façade cladding,
- understanding the phenomenon of modular construction, materials, and the method of composing units,
- consistent concept adjustment to the technology,
- inventive and functional programming architectural solution and urban placement in the surroundings,
- adequate, creative morphology of composite parts,
- building safety,
- simple implementation, disassembly, replacement, universal use of the building,
- rationality, economic side of the investment and life-cycle of the building,
- self-sufficiency and sustainable design of the building in terms of heating, cooling, telecommunications, and ensuring the best possible energy and waste management self-sufficiency;
- innovative and functional design of the interior and exterior space, with the emphasis on simple use of services enabled/provided by the programme of the building,
- incorporation into any bicycle-friendly city of the world with minimal adjustment.

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