Is the A3 format reguired for all the submitted panels?

The competition solution has to include the following information:

• The project with the name and surname of the author (names if a group is participating), completed..
• A short text with the explanation/presentation of the solution (up to 1000 characters) in English: word or other .txt format
max. 10 files in .pdf format A3 or A2 with visual presentations (max. 20 MB each) and marked with the author’s code and serial number of attachments (for example ABCDE_1, ABCDE_2 ...) which contain:
• floor plan and a cross-section in the scale 1 : 20 or 1 : 25 or 1: 50
• a maximum of three 3D presentations of the solution for the exterior and interior of the building from different viewing points.

The above enumerated visual elements of the project solutions must be presented in a monochrome or RGB colour setting (minimum 150 dpi resolution).

The applicant may, in addition to those enumerated, submit other forms of presentation (e.g. video in .avi or .mpeg formats).

All elements of the contents except for the data in the e-application and the confirmation of schooling have to have codes (anonymous), not to disclose the author’s identity (authors’ identities) - authors do not write their names on boards, just their code. The author’s identity will be revealed after the voting of the jury and public is completed. During jury voting and public voting the identity of the author will be known only to the website administrator (Imago d.o.o.).

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