JANEZ KOŽELJ / b. 1945

Janez Koželj is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Architecture, at the University of Ljubljana, where he lectures on urban design and architectural design. From the fall of 2006 on he has served as Vice-Mayor of the City of Ljubljana.

Between 1974 and 1994 Koželj was editor in chief of the international magazine for the architectural theory AB (Architectural Bulletin). In his research work he examines operative methods in planning and management of the contemporary city. Professionally, he develops architecture adapted to the environment. His views and discussions have been published in numerous books and presented at international conferences. He has won numerous first prizes for his work on architectural competitions. He has also received two expert awards for his artistic achievements. He has participated in numerous exhibitions of Slovenian contemporary architecture in Europe and the USA. Between the 1980 and 1985 he participated in Skupina Kras (Group Kras) and Studio Znak.

His work is regularly presented in domestic and foreign architectural publications. Some of his books include "Typology of urban residential architecture and its reciprocity with the morphology of the city space", "DUO, degraded urban areas" and the architectural guidebooks "Pleènik's Ljubljana", "Pleènik's Slovenia" and "Pleènik abroad" (co-authors A. Hrausky, D. Prelovšek) as well as "The Architecture of Ljubljana" (co-author A. Hrausky). His most important realized projects are include a business-residential block on Poljanska street, Ljubljana (1991), a residential building in the Novi Tabor area in Ljubljana (1991), a group of residential buildings in the "Schieszstaette" area in Graz, Austria (1998), the amusement and commercial centre Portoval, and the wooden pedestrian  and cyclists bridge in Loka, Novo mesto (2003; co-author Jože Jaki), the viaduct Èrni Kal on Klanec-Strmin highway (2004; co-author and constructor M. Pipenbaher); and several wooden family houses in Gora pri Peèah, Stari trg pri Višnji Gori, and Smrjen pri Škofljici. He received the Pleènik award for his work in 1988, G.B. Piranesi recognition in 1992, a special award from DETAIL magazine for best architecture in Eastern Europe in 2005, and the ZAPS Zlati svinènik award for the entire body of his work.

More about Janez on the City of Ljubljana website.

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