Previous Competitions

The third competition began at the end of the year in 2010 and went on until June 2011. The creative task has challenged the students to design a public architectural installation with Trimo materials for Nove Fužine, a specific residential neighborhood in Ljubljana. The architectural installation had to revive the neighborhood and therefore offer a direct answer for architectural and social problems that Europe’s residential areas are facing with. The winning solution was realized in the summer of 2011. Trimo Urban Crash has in 2011 become a global competition for students of architecture and industrial design – it has received no less than 363 projects from 56 countries and five continents.

After the jury session and public vote on the web page’s gallery of shortlisted projects, the winning life stand was designed by Martynika Bielawska from Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wroclaw, Poland  and Wojtek Nowak from Silesian Faculty of Architecture, Gliwice (project 14110). The second place went to Matej Ramšak and Aleksi Vičič from Faculty of Architecture at University of Ljubljana (project BEYND). The third place went to Gabriel Xie from Faculty of Architecture in Auckland, New Zeland (project NSTUD). Jury also choose best conceptual solution, which went to Nedim Mutevelić and Amar Zahiragić (project 07108) from Faculty of Architecture and Academy of Fine Arts, University of Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina. . 

From 22-24 June 2011, 44 authors of shortlisted projects for realization participated at the architecture workshop at Museum of Architecture and design in Ljubljana. The workshop entitled “Responsible Ar(t)chitecture” was held by Cyril Shing, a senior Lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts and Design. For more information regarding the happening at Trimo Urban Crash workshop take a look at our Trimo Urban Crash blog.

Beside the summer workshop in Ljubljana, the winners also received participation at the famous AA School in London, where they have taken the Summer Make at Hook Park workshop. You can find out more about their architecture summer adventures in their blog posts.

All the projects of Trimo Urban Crash 2011 can be seen at the project gallery


The second competition was held in 2009, specifically inviting students from 11 European countries, though students from around the world were welcome as well. The task was to design a cultural stage / info point / meeting point or resting point, which would further upgrade the Metelkova City, Ljubljana's alternative cultural quarter. This time the challenge attracted 188 authors from 17 countries, who contributed a combined total of 147 projects.

Presentation in Skopje, Macedonia, submitted entry and jury evaluation.

After the jury sessions and a public vote the cultural stage of Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola from the Faculty of Architecture in Gliwice, Poland, was chosen the best solution. Aleš Peternel and Matej Mejak of the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture placed second, and Chiara Agosti and Francesca Bellina from the Italian Polytechnic di Milano came third. You can download the catalogue of best projects here.

Alicja and Jan, Aleš and Matej, Chiara and Francesca and all together with Tatjana Fink, Trimo General Manager

Alicja and Jan gained new knowledge and acquaintances at the AA summer school in London; all the shortlisted authors attended the summer workshop in August in Ljubljana, led by jury members Dutch visual artist Daan Roosegaarde and Trimo's architect Mitja Vovko. The workshop highlights and its creatively-driven results can be seen on our blog.

Up: Jan and Alicja in AA London. Below: summer workshop in Ljubljana.

The life of the “White Dancer" installation has been rather eventful since its placement, as it’s encountered several visual changes, and has thus become an effective "extension" of the graffiti 'Hall of Fame' wall.

Tatjana Fink predicted a series of colorful changes by presenting Tomaž Furlan with a bucket of graffiti spray cans.

You can view all of the 2009 entries in the Project Gallery, as well as the photo albums from both Competitions in the Gallery.


The first competition 'Trimo Urban Crash' took place in 2007. Young architecture students from Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade compared their creative approaches by designing an urban installation under the slogan: 'Create a Bold Image of the Present'.

Faculty presentations

There were 29 entries for the locations at Krakovski nasip, Tivoli park and Metelkova City, all of which were evaluated by a professional jury. The two winners were awarded temporary realization of their projects: Jelena Grujić from the Belgrade Faculty of Architecture (Yellow Couch by the River), and Rok Grdiša from the Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture (Red Pavilion). A combination of jury vote and public votes decided the final winner – Jelena, who then attended summer school at the AA School of Architecture in London. Her impressions of the competition and the school session can be seen on our blog; as well, all of the best projects can be viewed in the catalogue. Rok's Pavilion was re-erected in November 2009 at a citizens' initiative, this time in front of the Hala Tivoli sports center, and will be made into an Information Point at the opening ceremony in September 2010.

Jury evaluation and the grand opening. In the last photo: Rok Grdiša and Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana with Tatjana Fink, Trimo General Manager.

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