Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions, divided into four categories: Competition, Website and Tech Support, Trimo and Trimo products, Location.


1. Is it OK/possible to use just the basic construction of the container and design it further or does the final design need to be a cube?
2. Do we strictly have to use trimo modular units (20 FEET)? Can we cut the container into several smaller parts?
3. What is the actual programme intended for the bike base? How do we incorporate it?
4. Do we have to plan the exact positions of coffee machines, electrical sockets and outlets, etc?
5. Can we plan anything on the meadow above the sidewalk?
6. I am currently studying for my masters degree. Can i still participate?
7. Can a project be submitted by a group or only as individuals?
8. Am I obliged to submit a project if I register on this website?
9. Can I participate as a member of more than one group (with more than one project)?
10. Does each member of the group has to be a student?
11. Can I still participate if I graduate by January 31st?
12. Where can I find the code for submitting the project?
13. When is the competition deadline?
14. How do I submit my project? Do I send it by mail?
15. I have already registered for the previous competition. Do I need to register again?
16. Is the A3 format reguired for all the submitted panels?

Website and Tech Support

1. Why do I have to register on this website?
2. We will work on a project as a group. Do all members have to register on this website?

Trimo and Trimo Products

1. Does the design-object have to be made with Trimo products alone?
2. Can I find any buildings constructed from Trimo products and technologies in my country?

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