And we have a winner...

Project SHIFT made by Manus Leung and Kacper Krywult from Faculty of Built Environment at University of New South Wales, Australia and  from Faculty of Architecture/ Warsaw University of Technology. SHIFT was also awarded second place by jury.


Jury winner award and second overall place goes to a group of students Jorge Lopez Sacristan, Christina Codjambopoulo, Beatriz Gomez Martin, Sara Rebollo from Köln Fachhochschule mentored by prof. Eva-Maria Pape. Their project, under the competition-entry name JCSB0 was awarded the most points by the expert jury.

The public vote winner award goes to a group of students Ignacio Chavero García, Roberto Baños Pantoja, Alvaro Borrego Plata from ETSA Sevilla, Spain.Their project CG2BP received the biggest number of votes in the public vote procedure.

It was a nail-biting race until the very end, since the final decision depended on the public vote.

Find out jury explanation and details on winning project on our blog.

3rd jury place went to project 14034 made by Małgorzata Wawrzyniak (Poland) from Faculty for Architecture, University of Ljubljana with help of mentors prof.Miloš Florijančič and prof. .Mitja Zorc.

The jury was convinced by so many strong, innovative and creative projects that they also appointed five honourable mentions:

  • Honourable mention for: Minimalism - project 13057 by Piotr Woldan, Michał Romański and Justyna Turowska from Wrocław University of Technology Faculty of Architecture, Poland with mentor dr Marek Lamber.
  • Honourable mention for: Interior - project pixel by Alexandr Valakh from Built Environment at University of Manchester, United Kingdom with mentor Colin Pugh.
  • Honourable mention for: Unique mental scheme - project LJUbo by Luis Fernando Osorio Lua, Jose Abraham and Buenrostro Valadez from Facultad de Arquitectura, UNAM, Mexico
  • Honourable mention for: Site adequate solution - project G4804 by Dušan Lilić from Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture - University of Niš, Serbia.
  • Honourable mention for: Prudent socializing space - project A6841 by Petra Karlova from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Czech Republic with mentor prof. Ivan Kroupa.

Competition partner Akripol has granted special recognition to project dNAMO by Jose Bernal and Iuliia Fomina from Florida Atlantic University, United States and to project 20436 by Joseph Goodwin, Nick Bastow and Richard Breen from Newcastle University Architecture Planning Landscape, United Kingdom under mentor prof. Steve Dudek.

Akripol explained the recognition for dNAMO project: ˝The author implemented most our products in the project and best represented their functionality. The idea of charging devices with electricity, which is generated by bicycle, is very future oriented and eco-friendly. The facility blends well with its surroundings and due to our acrylic materials it reflects the world in all its colors.˝ 

20436 project was noticed for: ˝This facility is very esthetical and catchy. Though the concept of the project seems simple and non-futuristic, the functionality of the facility is surely not negligible. Due to its acrylic materials it blends well with its surroundings and breaks the barriers between natural and modern.˝


Congratulations to all the winners and again, big thanks to all our participants and supporters!

Without your dedication, your ideas and your votes the success of the competition would simply be impossible.

But wait! A lot more will be going on since Trimo Urban Crash 2013 is far from over.




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