Post By Špela Tušar
on 25. Mar 2013

Voting procedure 2013

The 2013 competition is now closed and the winners announced. MANUS LEUNG from Australia and KACPER KRYWULT  from Poland, with their project SHIFT won with slight difference from the second-place Jorge Lopez Sacristan, Christina Codjambopoulo, Beatriz Gomez Martin, Sara Rebollo from Germany, with their project JCSB0. Here is how the winners were selected.

The selection procedure

The international expert jury was composed of 10 members.

The jury evaluation consisted of preliminary individual member’s evaluation and of the one days jury session in Ljubljana when jury evaluated the selected projects and unanimously determine the final shortlist, and finally, the best (winning) project.

After the jury finished the work each website visitor was able to vote once for one of the three best

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Post By Špela Tušar
on 25. Mar 2013

Visit Velo City Vienna 2013

You know the feeling when you instantly connect with someone? We certainly do!
Shared interest and vision, eagerness to promote and develop cycling culture around urban spaces led us to contact with organizers of Velo-city 2013.

This is why we are happy to introduce Velo-city 2013 to all of you!

Well, let’s start off by having a closer look at Velo-city; even better, what the familiar ‘Velo’ even means (I didn’t know). The good Wikipeople offer this: Velo is the Latin root for speed, rapid, or swift; and early bikes were called Velocipedes (literally speed-foot) and didn’t have pedals, instead you propelled your feet on the ground to build speed.

So, now that we know that Velo has something to do with bikes, we can easily assume that Velo-city has something to do with bikes, urban

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Post By Borut Sočan
on 24. Mar 2013

2013 TUC Awarding System


This year the judging scheme remains more or less the same as in previous years.

Read more about 2011 voting procedure in blog post 2011 voting procedure

The methodology by which the results are calculated

As previously mentioned the jury’s scoring is weighted 80%, with the public voting contributing 20%.

The winner of the jury scoring is awarded 8 points; second place receives 7.5 points and third place 7 points. All the rest of the shortlisted projects receive 6 points. 

Although this scheme allows for the possibility that any of the shortlisted projects could win, the jury favourites do have a big advantage.

The winner of the public vote is awarded 2 points. All other projects receive a fraction of the full 2 points based on the formula:

Vn/Vw * 2 = Pn

Vn – number of votes

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on 06. Mar 2013

Jury announces Trimo Urban Crash shortlist – now the public has its say.

This summer Trimo Urban Crash is taking it to the streets, when the Slovenian capital Ljubljana gets a welcome new addition to the city’s built urban mix. The winning Bike Base competition entry – chosen from among 220 project submissions from 37 countries by an international expert jury – will very soon be decided. 
Now it’s time for the public to have their say and vote for their favourite entry from the jury’s compelling shortlist. March 5th public voting opens, and runs through March 26th. Who will design this new cutting edge venue only time – and you – can tell!

With the exciting jury session only freshly concluded, Prof. Janez Koželj, Vice-Mayor of Ljubljana and jury president, reflects on the many strong and highly diverse project entries: “Next to walking, cycling is the

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on 21. Jan 2013

Trimo, Ingredients to reach excellence

I know it is a bit late to change anything about your design, but nevertheless. Trimo Urban Crash enthusiasts, you can now check if all the right substances have been used to reach excellence in your project. You know Trimo is offering all it is about envelope, complete solutions and steel construction since establishing itself in 1961. Let’s review again product range and all what is related to it in a following prudent presentation.
Today Trimo sells its products and services under its own brand across more than 50 countries worldwide and has production facilities in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. However, more than on physical products, the company had based its growth on innovative development and project solutions and a combination of high aesthetics,
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