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on 21. Jan 2013

Trimo, Ingredients to reach excellence

I know it is a bit late to change anything about your design, but nevertheless. Trimo Urban Crash enthusiasts, you can now check if all the right substances have been used to reach excellence in your project. You know Trimo is offering all it is about envelope, complete solutions and steel construction since establishing itself in 1961. Let’s review again product range and all what is related to it in a following prudent presentation.
Today Trimo sells its products and services under its own brand across more than 50 countries worldwide and has production facilities in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. However, more than on physical products, the company had based its growth on innovative development and project solutions and a combination of high aesthetics, people and environmental friendly solutions. When talking about high aesthetics and individual, tailored solutions I must mention our brand Qbiss. Product family has till now two members: QbissOne, QbissAir. According to several architects around the globe including Nicolas Hare Architects, designers of Blackburn High School, Qbiss One is considered top composite facade element able to solve more than one problem at once. With flexibility, modularity, 25mm shadow line and maximum span of 6.5 meters, Qbiss One is a system that acts beneficiary to produce a fresh and aesthetically-pleasing geometrical appearance.
Qbiss One Unique rounded corner, as seen at 4 elements joint
Qbiss One Unique rounded corner, as seen at 4 elements joint
Qbiss Air facade skin is a first solution in the world being developed with incorporating the latest technology, advantages from both cladding and glazing sectors. It is a unique unitized glass curtain wall system, which uses multi-chamber insulating core. Wide spectrum of materials enables this entirely new product unlimited application options. It is not only thin, only 133 mm thick facade element, with astonishing thermal conductivity but also performs transparency and translucency features at the same time. From now on, facade skin is not only a rain, wind barrier, a warm blanket or a nice piece of wall on a building, but also a living beneficial system.
Qbiss Air Translucent and transparent module
»Classic system« as a senior engineers would categories Trimoterm product range is still a backbone or most trusted product when talking about prefabricated, quick to assemble facade systems. »Sandwich« kind of panelized facade structure still has its advantages: simple to mount, simple design, great insulation, non-combustibility and assembly team friendly. One of the bad sides of this facade system can be aesthetics which can be enriched by a newly developed technology Artme. This surface reshaping technique enables you to apply your unique design on a flat outer panel sheet. Several other perforations are possible, all with different meaning, style and color variations.
Trimoterm Invisio panel with surface reshaping technique Artme used for Jordel Bank Centre for Astrophysics, Great Britain
Modular units made of steel skeleton and insulated shell have been for the last ten years more or less neglected, not being fully aware of its potential. The mobility, individuality, repeatability, simplicity, quality and high performance are the facts widely respected by modern people. Basic modular 20 feet unit with 2.7 m inner height was firstly used as a construction site living unit. Totally unitized, dimensioned to transport measurements units are now entering a new age as a building part of contemporary architecture used by people with the highest living standard expectations. With that in mind Trimo has managed to supply modular units for New York filming crew that needed sufficient temporary offices right in the middle of Times Square.
Trimo modular units; ModSpace used in Times Square New York
Geoffrey West, a physicist former president of Santa Fe Institute said: »Every week from now till 2050 over one million people are being added to our cities«. This means in one hundred years’ time, more than 80 % of world population will be living compacted in cities. The question is how much energy and land will city consume and what kind of building will people need for that? Trimo already have some answers regarding that called Eco-solution. One of the most profound products is ultrathin photovoltaic paneling that goes hand in hand with Trimo roof system, actually working as an individual solar power plant.
Trimo solar power plant; Trimo eco-solution photovoltaic panel incorporated in Trimo SNV roof
At the end I can say Trimo is devoted to produce only the best to its clients and develop always something entirely new and better. Nobody knows exactly how future will look like. Even that it sounds illusory all we can do is question ourselves, question other, try to do the best and at the end take the best.


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by: mitja vovko, u.d.i.a.